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NCH Facilities’ mission is simple

We help facilities save water, energy
and reduce operating costs.


Paul Gilbert, Head of Marketing

“Just like you, I had a choice about where to come to work. Every day at NCH Facilities is a reminder that I’ve made the right decision. Our goal is to provide you with information and resources to aid in your career decision.”



The NCH Facilities territory managers we hire work closely with our customers in industries such as hospitality, healthcare, property management, education and government. The solutions we manufacture provide ways to help sustain and preserve the longevity of each facility. Click below to see some of the urban markets we serve.




“I would say my best experience so far is the satisfaction you get when a customer phones you up and tells you how good the product is. It’s great that we’re actually selling a product that has tremendous results.”


South West London

South West London

“One of the most exciting things about my role is being able to go to work every day and build strong relationships with the people that I work with, whether that be in the field or in the office.”




“I love that every day is different and that I’m always meeting new people. It really brings a sense of satisfaction when I see the solutions I’m providing make a difference to them and the companies they represent.”


Central London

Central London

“So far in NCH I’ve loved that each day is different, you meet different people and different customers each day; you meet some wonderful characters, it’s not a routine that gets tedious.”


Meaningful Work

Louise Interview

  • Comprehensive multi-step certification programme on our products and patented sales approach.
  • Ongoing learning initiatives based on individual development needs.
  • Availability of a self-directed library of continuing education courses, as well as tuition reimbursement opportunity.
  • Coaching-style support system that starts from day one.
  • Several members of the management team that will reinforce your classroom training by working side-by-side with you in your territory.
  • A Career Mentor Programme.
  • We fully equip our territory managers with resources on our products, including demonstration materials, presentations and data sheets.
  • Complete team of chemists, sales support and industry experts only a phone call away to answer questions concerning our product solutions or applications.
  • Competitive and progressive compensation package starting with a base salary + commission + bonus structure with unlimited earning potential (i.e. we don’t cap our commissions).

ARE YOU nch?

We like to think we’re pretty awesome, but this job isn’t for everyone. Throughout our interview process, there are five key characteristics we look for and ask details about from your past experiences:

Passion and Planning

Fierce Focus and Internally Motivated

Desire to Learn and Grow

Contagious Personality

Competitive Drive – The “Overachiever”

We take our time to find the person who wants to grow a long-term career with us. In full transparency, here are our interview steps:

Second Example

Career Voyage

NCH Facilities provides a multitude of career growth opportunities tailored to your individual skills. Here are some examples of NCH Facilities forces sharing their career journeys with us!